1.On site visits that receive a pre and

post visit meeting with all concerned

followed by a documented, comprehensive written report for your record.



2.A totally independent, friendly, but professional approach, unbiased, down to earth hatchery advice with confidentiality paramount.

3.Checks on hatching egg quality, handling, storage etc from breeder farm to hatchery.

4.Setter and hatcher performance, profiles and calibration checks.
5. Checks and advice on hatching egg weight loss before and during incubation and egg/chick ratio (yield).

6.Hatch debris break-outs and analysis.
7.Hatchery personnel training, working with managers and staff alike.
8.Checks on hatchability, chick quality, chick holding from hatcher to day old chick dispatch to your customer.
 9.Retention contracts available for planned hatchery health checks at agreed intervals.


10.Basic health and safety advice for you and your hatchery staff.
11. Hatchery auditing and pre auditing service.
12.Advice on your hatchery hygiene and disease control procedures.
13.Advice on safe day old chick

transportation by air or road.

Demonstrating swab taking at a hatchery in Europe

Conducting hatch debris breakout