I have a wide range of experience in the international poultry industry where I have designed and built from virgin bush in South Africa a complete broiler farm which was my own business. Involved in feasibility studies for a hatchery project in Uganda and have managed the largest hatchery in the southern hemisphere (at that time).

Written many hatchery management guides and articles on hatchery issues, was invited to give a presentation on commercial incubation to the 2009 Incubation and Fertility Research Group Meeting held at Norwich University, England and feel my experience gained over the years could be of a sound financial benefit to your hatchery operation.

I have a good relationship with some of the leading incubator manufacturers in the world and able to make contact with them on first name terms on your behalf for service, advice and even spares.

If you have any concerns about your hatchery’s performance and feel you need a fresh approach to the problem then please give me a call on my cell/mobile phone or contact me on my E-mail link so we can discuss what the plan of action would be to help try and improve your production, chick

quality and most importantly

your profitability.